What is fraud investigation ?

Fraud investigation, basically, refers to the process of examining whether the scam or fraud has taken place and collecting evidence to save the interest of the victims involved.

Fraud and financial misconduct are an undeniable reality of the modern globalized business landscape. On an average, organizations incurs an estimated 5 per cent loss to its annual revenue due to frauds. As a result, businesses are increasingly interested in fraud risk assessment and management to help protect the bottom line. Furthermore, regulators are increasingly demanding more active, global management of fraud risk. In the wake of high-profile corporate scandals, and new stringent laws and regulations, business executives are increasingly pushing for organization-wide policies, programs, and controls to address fraud and misconduct.

At present, instances of fraud within the corporate sector are on the rise. It is an ever-growing serious issue that causes a lot of concern and poses massive problems. In many cases, corporate fraud can go on for years, totally unnoticed. On a large scale where the numbers involved are quite greater, it makes the task of fraudsters easier, being capable of covering up their tracks with tax evasion, money laundering and also cooking up financial reports. In instances like these, you will need to hire a fraud investigator to set the records straight. 


How can we help?

By leveraging our knowledge and in-house expertise of the fraud risk facing today’s enterprises, we can assist our clients with identifying the business areas prone or vulnerable to fraud and misconduct. We can also help clients assess and prioritize their fraud risks and attach meaningful anti-fraud actions to help mitigate risks and enable effective and consistent fraud prevention.

  • At Milestone, we incorporate a unique blend of expertise that handles our operations, intellect, and training to settle your most challenging internal and external issues. To address our client’s requirements, we take an efficient approach & provide high-quality corporate investigation services.
  • Our team of professional corporate investigators has very specialized backgrounds & they know that evidence assortment is more than just gathering facts & it takes an authenticated paper trail to endorse your results both legally and ethically.
  • Our corporate investigation services provide you with a conceptual approach to prevent crime within the corporate & to investigate a comprehensive picture of the company to avoid costly mistakes for our clients.
  • We aim to provide reliable & specialized fraud investigation services at the most affordable cost across the globe to tone down business risks that are harmful for your organization.
  • We endlessly make every effort to help you by providing a consistently high level of fraud investigation services & we examine all the issues in a completely confidential manner.

Rescue your business before fraud ends it. To obtain more information about our Fraud investigation services, you can contact us through calls, texts & email.​


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