We provide integrated risk management and regulatory services to the banking and capital markets, insurance, wealth and asset management, and private equity sectors. Milestone’s Financial Services Risk Management consulting resources bring you a combination of qualitative, quantitative, regulatory and technology skills. Professionals with great expertise help financial institutions to drive efficiency, effectiveness and balanced risk coverage across their governance, risk and compliance activities.

Industry practitioners, many of whom are former regulators and quantitative analysts, can provide you with professional integrated risk measurement and risk management services in local and global regulatory environments while also considering the impacts of digital transformation in the areas of risk and regulation.

Our offerings

Liquidity risk

The Treasury and Liquidity Risk group provides strategic recommendations to identify, measure and manage liquidity risk, helping organizations to comply with regulatory expectations and enhance their position in an evolving competitive landscape.

Credit risk

The Credit Risk team provides leading services focused on assisting in credit risk identification, measurement, management and reporting.

Compliance Risk

The Regulatory Compliance team assists with the design of effective, flexible and robust compliance programs to address unique business, regulatory, risk tolerance, technology and operational model requirements.

Capital Management

The Capital Management team offers services to help you anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes and assess their impacts on your business models and capital needs.


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